Auto Glass Software for Repair and Replacement Shops

Lookup NAGS and OEM parts, create a quote, and schedule an install in seconds.

Quickly lookup parts and create auto glass quotes.

GlasPacLX offers shops a faster way to find the right parts quickly and give their customers an accurate quote. Using our digital catalog for both NAGS and OEM parts, you are able to type in a VIN or license plate number and LX will find the list of parts you’re looking for. Once you’ve found the right glass, GlasPacLX will automatically generate a quote based on the list price for the parts and labor or according any pricing agreement you have set.
auto glass software - part ordering
  • Find both NAGS and OEM parts with the digital NAGS catalog.
  • Create quotes directly from the NAGS catalog using your specific pricing.
  • Use RightGlass to find exact replacement parts using only a VIN.

Instantly turn your quotes into scheduled jobs.

Every step in the order entry process can be completed on one screen in GlasPacLX. Once you have generated your quote you can turn it into a work order and email a copy to your customer in one click. When you’re ready to schedule the job, LX will show you what times you have available and if need be, break your availability out by installer and service area. This lets you select a time that works best for both you and your customer.
auto glass software -Scheduling and Job Tracking
  • Stay on top of your day-to-day operations with real-time tracking of appointments and jobs across your region.
  • Easily track workflow from quote, to work order, to invoice and find your open orders quickly and easily with powerful search tools.
  • Add new line items to any order and adjust or override preset pricing on the fly.
  • Stay on top of your day-to-day operations with real-time tracking of appointments and jobs by technician and service area.
  • Use the Google Maps integration to have an overall view of when and where your team needs to be to maximize your shop’s efficiency.

Order replacement auto glass and manage your inventory directly in the software.

Unlike other point of sale applications for auto glass shops, GlasPacLX has a full suite of features for ordering glass and managing inventory. You can connect with the major suppliers of the industry PGW, Pilkington, and Mygrant and order from them right in LX. If you’ve set up a price list with these suppliers, LX will show your specific list price. If you keep inventory from anywhere between a small selection in the back of the shop to a warehouse, our software allows you to easily find parts and keep your inventory current.
auto glass software - order entry
  • Connect directly to major auto glass suppliers PGW, Pilkington, and Mygrant.
  • Use inventory control to automatically source from inventory when a part is in stock and order from a distributor when it’s not.
  • Set smart rules and alerts for part stocking and reordering.

Point of sale management to invoice insurers and take cash payments with no delay.

With GlasPacLX, you no longer have to take your work home or stay after hours and sift through paperwork to make sure you get paid. The EDI billing feature in GlasPacLX allows you to send invoices digitally and instantly to all major insurers as soon as the installation is complete. When you are charging a customer directly, our software can track payments from cash, check, and credit card. And if you have technicians in the field, they can collect payment at the jobsite without needing to call into the shop.
auto glass software - EDI Billing and Insurance invoicing
  • Send EDIs directly to LYNX and GNCS through our GLAXIS integration and receive referrals through the same connection.
  • Support for invoicing through other TPAs such as Harmon or Safelite is also included.
  • Collect cash, check, and credit card payments and automatically balance your register at the end of every day.
  • Enable mobile technicians to collect payment in the field. Click here to learn more.

Seamless QuickBooks accounting integration.

It’s easy to stay on top of your billing, expenses, and finances when you connect GlasPacLX to Quickbooks. We offer a more robust and seamless connection to Quickbooks than any other auto glass software system. All of your necessary accounting and job information can be automatically synced with your QB, making it incredibly simple to keep your financials accurate and up to date.
auto glass software - Auto glass software and accounting integration
  • Integrate your Quickbooks software and transfer data automatically.
  • Easily sync your customer and vendor accounts.
  • Automatically post invoices and cash sales to cost of goods and sales accounts.
  • Keep your GL inventory account up to date with auto adjusting inventory and purchase order receipts.

The Right Auto Glass Software for Your Shop

More than 1000 auto glass shops of all sizes across North America trust GlasPacLX to run their business. It’s features and functionality help maximize productivity, drive down costs, and increase sales.

See how much easier it is to run your shop with GlasPacLX